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Logos and illustrations on the Auger Observatory project

Above is the official logo for the Auger project. This logo (PS - GIF) was selected by the collaboration during its Park City meeting (May 1997), and it should be used on all occasions and documents related to the project.

However, the members and friends of the collaboration provided us with a beautiful set of work for the Park City competition, some of them naive, some colorful, some poetic etc... that we may want to use for many purposes as a complement to the official logo (posters, transparencies, decoration...). Thus I am keeping all the logos of which I have a PS or GIF file on this page so that anybody who wants can download and use them.

We can go on adding logos and illustrations to this page as long as the project inspires new artists.

This is how the Auger project is seen by its members and friends

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Murat Boratav