Pierre Auger: The Pioneering Work/Les Origines

The Auger Observatory experiment was named after Pierre Victor Auger (Paris, 14/5/1899 - Paris, 25/12/1993) who can be considered as the discoverer of the giant airshowers generated by the interaction of very high-energy cosmic rays with the earth's atmosphere. A few dates on the life and works of Pierre Auger [excerpts from a biographical note written by himself in 1971]:

Following are the reproductions of the original articles by Pierre Auger and collaborators on the first hints of the existence of ultra high energy cosmic rays by the observations of large air-showers.

Ci-dessous, les reproductions des articles originaux de Pierre Auger et collaborateurs sur les premières indications de l'existence de rayons cosmiques d'ultra-haute énergie par l'étude de grandes gerbes atmosphériques.

Comptes rendus, Académie des Sciences 206 (1938) 1721 (8/6/1938).

Comptes rendus, Académie des Sciences 207 (1938) 228 (11/7/1938).

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