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In English

Article in CERN Courier (July-August 2006) by Alan Watson
Science and Development Network Cassio Leite Vieira (21 November 2005)
Symmetry Magazine: "Let it Rain" by Davide Castelvecchi (February 2005)
Ferminews (Cover - December 2003)
Europhysics News (Alan Watson, December 2001)
CERN Courrier (March 2002)
Auger Press Kit (U of Utah)
Article in Scientific American (Cronin/Gaisser/Swordy, January 1997)
Beam Line (Paul Mantsch, Fall-Winter 1998)
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Article in Scientific American (January 1999)
Article in CERN Courier (February 1999)
Article in CERN Courier (June 1999)
Ferminews (february 1, 2002): articles by Paul Mantsch on Malargüe (p.6) and Greg Snow on UHECR High-School projects (p.8)
Nature 5 September 419 (2002) 12, by Philip Ball
Physics World September 2002, by Subir Sarkar
PPARC Frontiers Autumn 2002, by Alan Watson
Europhysics News September-October 2002, p.162 : Probing Theories with Cosmic Rays, by Murat Boratav

En Français

Science et Vie - July 2006. Credits: Claire Martin (author), Rodrigo Gomez (photographer), Anyforms (computer graphics)
Auger clip (French TV - France 3 - February 5, 2006)
Communiqué de presse CNRS (Novembre 2005)
Communiqué de presse CNRS (Décembre 2003)
L'Astronomie (06/2000, couverture)
La Recherche (M.Boratav, 11/1999)
Le Monde (29/05/1999)
Communiqué AFP (28/05/1999)

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